The brothers you live with can help you with every aspect of your academic career, but the proof is in the results. Greeks exceed the grade point averages of their peers on this campus and nationally.


The Greek community at UNL is known for developing leaders. Within each chapter there are elected positions that provide you with an opportunity to develop skills in communication, planning, sales, risk management and accounting.

Social Development

This is not just a temporary commitment – at AGR you will cherish the bonds of your fraternity brothers throughout your time at UNL and the rest of your life.

Service Opportunities

The Greek community at UNL prides itself on the selfless service it provides to the city of Lincoln. Each chapter on campus has a special fundraiser or event they host every year.


Brennan Williams

Noble Ruler

(308) 991-5019

Tanner Nun

VNR Philanthropy

(402) 759-2310

Parker Klinginsmith

VNR Recruitment

(308) 750-1076

Blaine Jacobi

VNR Recruitment

(402) 910- 9282

Chad Guthrie

VNR Risk Management


Wesley Wach

VNR Scholarship

(308) 340-3208

Colton Thompson

VNR Finance

(308) 746-3658

Grant Dahlgren

VNR Membership Development

(308) 991-4997

Samuel Seberger

VNR Activities

(308) 325-0907

Seth George

VNR Activities

(402) 410-0006

Jason Rainforth

VNR Operations

(402) 380-6039

Daniel Petersen

VNR Brotherhood

(402) 621-0801

Mitchell Manning

VNR Planning

(402) 266-1815

Chandler Brock

VNR Alumni Relations

(308) 746-6644

Common Questions

What kind of fraternity is AGR?

AGR is two fraternities in one – it’s both a social and a professional fraternity. All members of AGR have related career interests and prioritize the community aspect of student-life on campus.

What is the pledge process like?

There is no pledging in Alpha Gamma Rho. We have developed the Brotherhood Program to eliminate the possibility of hazing in order to focus on our tradition of leadership.

Do all members come from Ag backgrounds.

Nope. AGR is for any young man preparing for any ag or food-related career, including food science, biotechnology, agri-marketing, environmental science and many others.

What can I expect?

We pride ourselves on being campus leaders as well as understanding the benefits of being a social group. Being a part of AGR is choosing to be connected with a network of well-rounded men across the country for your entire life.

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Alpha Gamma Rho was born at Ohio State University in 1904. With Alpha Zeta being the only agricultural fraternity, a few young men were challenged by Alpha Zeta’s domination and decided to make a change. The group met and formed Alpha Gamma Rho, getting the name using the Greek letters and taking the first three letters from the word agriculture.

In November of 1906, AGR went to the International Livestock Show in Chicago, Illinois. At this time there was a formal meeting with Delta Rho Sigma. This was the only meeting until the meeting at The Claypool Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 4, 1908.

Between those two dates there was a great deal of correspondence between the two groups and on that April day Alpha Gamma Rho and Delta Rho merged. It was decided that the name of the older fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho, would be used for the national name. In return for Delta Rho Sigma relinquishing the name of their local chapter, they would have the honor of being the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. Therefore, Ohio State would be the Beta Chapter. This decision was called The Great Compromise.

In 1911, Sleeter Bull designed the first coat of arms. In 1912, the colors of the fraternity were changed from pink and white to green and gold.

In 1916 “Ike” Metz and “Sticks” Barber left the Gamma Chapter at Penn State and came to Nebraska to continue their education. They spread word of Alpha Gamma Rho among the Cornhuskers.

On October 13, 1916, six men met and formed the Cornhusker Ag Guild. No other fraternities were allowed. Their meetings were held on Monday nights with the first organization being on October 30, 1916. On November 9, seven men were initiated, two more on November 23 and five more on December 14. This brought the group’s total number of members to 14.

On February 9, 1917, the petition was granted and Kappa was added to the Alpha Gamma Rho chapter roll.

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This year, Kappa Chapter has awarded $28,000 in scholarships to undergraduates. Among these are several scholarships designated specifically for freshman in the house, including a $500 scholarship for making the Dean’s List.

  • Don Crosier
  • Kappa Scholarship
  • Most Improved GPA
  • High Class Average- Freshman
  • High Class Average- Sophomore
  • High Class Average- Junior
  • High Class Average- Senior
  • Kendrin Lewis
  • Henry Hild
  • Most Improved GPA
  • High Class Average- Freshman
  • High Class Average- Sophomore
  • High Class Average- Junior
  • High Class Average- Senior
  • Board High Freshman
  • Alpha Gamma Rho- Lloyd Fortna
  • Alpha Gamma Rho- Pink Rose
  • Alpha Gamma Rho- Ron Grapes
  • Alpha Gamma Rho- Dean Wise
  • Milton Olson
  • Active Chapter- Freshman
  • Active Chapter- Sophomore
  • Active Chapter- Junior
  • Active Chapter- Senior
  • High Big/Little Brother GPA
  • Dwight Wrich Memorial
  • Wilbur Pauley
  • Mike Pinkerton Memorial

AGR National Scholarships

  • AGR Excellence Scholarship:
    Up to four $1000 scholarships will be awarded to the individuals that excel in scholarship, leadership, citizenship, activities and fraternal involvement. All undergraduates are eligible to apply.
    Undergraduate Achievement Award: Two $1000 scholarships are presented to outstanding undergraduates that excel in all areas of involvement.
  • Horticulture Scholarship:
    George Staby has provided for two $500 scholarships limited to current AGR undergraduates who are enrolled with a declared horticulture-related major and have completed three courses in their major.
  • Dairy Scholarship:
    Ole Meland has provided an annual $500 scholarship for one AGR undergraduate who achieves high levels of excellence and who is pursuing a major in dairy. An undergraduate candidate at Cal Poly-SLO will be given preference.
  • Ag Economics/Ag Business Scholarship:
    Gene Swackhamer has provided one annual scholarship of $500 for one AGR undergraduate who achieves high levels of excellence and is pursuing a major in agricultural economics or agribusiness.
  • Agriculture Education Scholarship:
    Kirby Barrick has provided a scholarship of $500 to be presented annually to one AGR undergraduate who achieves high levels of excellence and is pursuing a major in agricultural education.
  • Lindley Finch Memorial Scholarship:
    The Foundation will grant one $500 scholarship to an undergraduate who truly has financial need and exhibits leadership and citizenship traits. First preference will be given to students of Iowa State.
  • Dale Runnion Scholarship:
    A $250 Scholarship will be presented to a current AGR undergraduate who plans to complete a college course to pursue a career in agri-marketing, journalism, advertising or public relations. This is not an academic scholarship.
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The Kappa Foundation

Kappa Foundation provides housing and scholarship support to students attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, primarily those enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The Foundation supports an educational environment conducive to both formal and informal education in order to encourage and influence a broader and better agriculture.

The Kappa Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit charity that supports Kappa Chapter of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. Any questions regarding the Foundation’s financial position or tax status may be directed to its treasurer, Ross Jensen.

  • John McKeever
  • Craig Uden
  • Merle Schlines
  • Ron Grapes
  • Roger Wehrbein
  • Doug Brand
  • Kent Kuhr
  • Chuck Woodsie
  • Pat Hecox

Alumni Board

  • President
    Skip Hecox
  • Treasurer
    Ross Jensen
  • Secretary
    Trey Kellner
  • Property Management
    Kellen Meyer
  • Property Management
    Jared McKeever
  • Alumni Relations
    David Painter
  • Recruitment
    Jeff Schroeder
  • Advisor
    Alex Wach
  • Strategic Planning
    Will Corman
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Risk Management

Kappa Chapter follows the Risk Management Guidelines and Policies set forth by AGR Nationals and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Inter-Fraternity Council By-Laws. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.